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458 Lakeshore Road, RR5, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

What is Eau de Vie?

Eau de Vie is a subcategory of Brandy that translates to “Water of Life” in French. Eau de Vie refers to an unaged distilled spirit made from fruit other than grapes. Without the aging process of other brandies, Eau de Vie’s are a pure representation of their ingredients. Spirit in Niagara’s eau-de-vie is first stripped in a continuous still before being batch distilled in a copper pot still. Pot still distillation is the traditional method of choice for eau de vie as it best preserves the natural characteristics of our ingredients. Once the distillation process is complete we are left with a spirit that’s incredibly crisp and pure, truly exemplifying the fruit from which it was made.

Our Eau de Vie Collection:

  • Ample Apricot
  • Juicy Peach
  • Sweet Pear
  • Plump Nectarine
  • Luscious Blue Plum
  • Sun Ripened Yellow Plum

Fruit based gin and Vodka?

Our Gin and Vodka are both made from fruit (without the fruit flavour)! To create our deliciously smooth Juiced Up Vodka we take our overripened and freshly fallen tender fruit and distill it to the point of neutrality (96%), this eliminates the fruit flavour from the spirit while creating a soft mouth feel and creamy texture aided by the high sugar content fruit provides.

Once our fruit mash has been distilled to neutrality we then utilize it as the base of our Juiced Up Gin.  Our gin is a traditional London Dry style gin with notes of citrus, coriander and juniper. It is not a flavoured gin despite using fruit as its base ingredient.

Juiced Up Collection:

  • Juiced Up Vodka
  • Juiced Up Gin


Local Whisky

Our Canadian Whisky is artfully small batch distilled from 100% Canadian corn aged 3 years in ex-bourbon barrels before being finished with late harvest Cabernet Sauvignon mash for 4 months before bottling. The end result is an incredibly smooth sipping whisky with notes of caramel and toasted oak with a sweet jam finish.

Introduced in late 2022, our Mixed Mash Whisky is distilled from a mixed mash of Canadian corn, barley, and wheat, aged 3 years in virgin oak casks. Expect notes of butterscotch, candied fruit, and toasted oak with a sharp finish. Available at the LCBO.

Whisky Collection:

  • Canadian Whisky
  • Mixed Mash Whisky
  • Canadian Brrrbon