Spirit in Niagara - Cocktail Recipes - Bowle Cocktail

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Golden Plum Kir Royale “Bowle”

This is a variation of a fruit and wine drink which is called a “Bowle Cocktail” in Germany. You’ll need ripe, soft fruit to make this drink, and Early Golden or Shiro plums would be ideal. Any sweet plum that has yellow flesh would be fine to use. For both colour and taste, it is fun to pair sweet purple cassis with the lingering tartness of even the sweetest yellow plums. Adding crushed ice is optional. Cheers! Prost!



After cutting your plums into chunks, combine them with the sugar in a large wide mouthed pitcher or bowl. Let the plums and sugar sit for about 30 minutes.Use sugar to taste, but you will need some sugar to make this work.


Next, pour in the entire bottle of wine.


Cover and chill overnight so the fruit absorbs the alcohol.


The next evening, ladle the chilled drink over crushed ice, if you like, in wide-brimmed wine glasses. Make sure each drink also has some fruit.


Pour in 1 oz. Spirit in Niagara Plumincello


Add the desired amount of crème de cassis to each drink. One tablespoon will turn your drink a lovely pale plum color, and an ounce will transform it to a lurid purple. (Click through my photos to see the range.)


Garnish each drink with a fresh herb; I recommend lavender, but spearmint is also nice.

Prep: 24 hours
Serving: 1
  • 2 cups ripe, sweet yellow plums, depitted and cut into chunks
  • 1/2 cup to 3/4 cane sugar, depending upon your taste
  • 750 ml bottle dry white wine, Riesling recommended
  • 1 oz. Spirit in Niagara Plumincello
  • 1 bunch Sprigs of lavender or other herb like mint, for garnish
  • 1 handful Crushed ice, if desired